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That constant background noise…

I’m trying to form a habit of writing Morning Pages. For me, it’s a form of meditation, you just dump your thoughts on 3 pages, with no rules about what you’ve to write about. That’s it. It is believed that the clarity in thoughts is achieved when you write over and over, every day.

That’s how I came up with this idea of ‘tiny thoughts‘. Thoughts that are not necessarily considered as blog posts but also important enough to talk about.

I have what I call as unstructured thoughts running in my mind all the time. I try to capture a few and risk losing the others while doing so. But, as I practice capturing these thoughts on a piece of paper or writing a blog about them or tweeting about them, I eventually figure out filtering those thoughts that are important to capture and those that are not.

Today morning, while I was trying to put down my thoughts on the paper, I was thinking about what James Clear says about creative people. A lot of them spend decades honing their skills or talent and one day, they produce a piece of art that takes very little time. He says that they spend 10 years honing the skill to produce their piece of art in under 10 minutes or less. So, while I was thinking about this particular idea, a million other thoughts were running at the back of my mind. I assumed I was the only one who experiences this and tweeted about it. Turns out that a lot of others feel the same.

I might look like I’m seriously concentrating on writing something on the paper right now, but I’m really thinking about that unread notifications on my phone. Who might be pinging me at this hour? Are they in need of something? Why do I keep getting distracted when all I have to do is dump my thoughts? Do you do the same?

In one of Tim Ferriss’ podcast, Yuval Noah Hariri says that if we can’t concentrate on a simple breathing exercise for 5 minutes, how can we expect people to handle tasks which needs a lot more concentration and deep work? Do you actively put effort into doing some deep work or do you get distracted constantly by the background noise?

I think the best solution to reduce that constant background noise is to give it some time in the morning and evening (half an hour each) so that they have the freedom to fly around. All we have to do is witness or acknowledge these thoughts. We don’t have to actively capture every single passing thought but only the ones that are really important or intriguing enough to ponder upon.

What do you think? What’s your solution to reduce that constant background noise?

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