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4 FREE Data Science Courses with Certificates & Badges

In this post, you’ll be introduced to free Data Science courses with certifications and badges.

Are you JUST starting your Data Science Journey? Confused about where to start? Stuck in that rabbit hole of free videos on YouTube and Coursera and not getting any certification or badge to show off your skills? I’ve got just the thing for you! These 4 websites will help you find the right learning path to start your Data Science Journey. Read on to find why and how.

AMAI, a Germany-based company helping to build AI-powered products, recently released very well organized roadmaps they use to help their employees ramp up on data science and machine learning concepts. Here’s one from the introduction. ?

AMAI Roadmap.

Observe how they do not recommend directly jumping into Deep Learning. I’ll be discussing the roadmaps and learning paths for your Data Science Journey. Everyone is different in their learning approaches. (Read my post on how to retain whatever you learn through active recall and spaced repetition backed by research.)

What is a Roadmap or a Learning Path?

Let’s tackle this problem of choosing the right learning path for you. So, what exactly is a roadmap? Or, a learning path?

A roadmap or a learning path is a structured sequence of activities that is recommended for learners to follow in that order so as to get the best out of a course. There are a wide variety of topics in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

When I started my Data Science Journey, I found the Internet overwhelming me with many options to choose from. I eventually found my way but with lots of hurdles and confusion. Also, there’s no website that introduced me to the best free Data Science courses. In this post, I aim to reduce that confusion for you and help you in finding your first learning path. Not only that, these websites provide certifications and badges to showcase on your LinkedIn profile and on your resumes! How cool is that?

Let’s not waste any more time and get into those 4 courses that will facilitate your journey.


Free Data Science Courses on

Cognitive Class is an IBM led initiative to democratize data knowledge and skills. They advertise right on their landing page about the benefits of taking their courses. It’s free, you earn badges, and expand your data skills.

  1. Complete noob? Start here. Data Science Foundations.
  2. Love to learn through code? Applied Data Science with Python is the best path.
  3. Aspiring to become the next best Data Engineer? Start the journey with Scala.

Explore more in their badges and learning paths.

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2. Analytics Vidhya

Free Data Science Courses on 
Analytics Vidhya

This website has played an important role in improving my skills through code. Their easy to follow tutorials hooked me right away and prompted me to participate on their hackathons. Why don’t you try them and see how they can inspire you?

  1. Introduction to Python – Listen to tutorials. Code. Participate in hackathons. What’s not to love?
  2. Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Wanna build your next best chatbot? Here’s where you start your journey.
  3. Neural Networks – Okay, ready for Deep Learning? This won’t disappoint you.

Want more?

3. Kaggle Learn

Free Data Science Courses on Kaggle Learn

Does Kaggle require a special introduction? It’s the go-to website even for a newbie to find datasets and participate in competitions! They had free data science courses all along but recently they announced certificates for you to show off on your social media profiles. You can learn, code, and participate in the competition all in one place!

  1. Itching to crunch some numbers and find patterns? Introduction to SQL is where you start.
  2. Ready to build ML Models? Here you go. Intermediate Machine Learning.
  3. Planning to build custom facial recognition model? This will introduce you to the amazing world of Computer Vision.

Not enough?

4. Digital Learn by Google

Free Data Science Courses on Digital Learn by Google

Google is not just about Gmail and Search. It’s more than that if you’re willing to explore. They’ve started a program to empower those with curiosity to learn by introducing them to free courses taught by world class leaders and teachers.

  1. Not from a programming background but interested in getting into Data Science or simply explore the programming world? This is the best place to start with! – Programming for Everybody.
  2. Beginner but interested in getting into AI without complicated Math and Code? I’ve got just the thing for you! Elements of AI.
  3. Looking for something advanced in Deep Learning? Try this. Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning.
  4. Are you a Business Professional but want to get acquainted with Machine Learning? This is where you start. Machine Learning for Business Professionals.


Found anything interesting? Comment and let me know. That helps me to curate the best content for you in the future.

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Join 380+ Curious Learners! Every Monday, you'll receive a newsletter that contains resources and tools to help you learn, increase productivity, and be creative!

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